Regional Chapters

Please consider to open a regional chapter of SEMAT of your country!

Please remember opening a new SEMAT Chapter takes time, interaction and effort by a group of committed people. SEMAT presently allows maximum of a chapter per country.

Application for opening a new Chapter should be made to Executive Committee (Please address your proposal via email to the President of the Exec Committee).

Presently SEMAT is looking for maximum one Chapter from Each Country.

The proposed chapter must have at least few committed individuals and support SEMAT in general.

Some of them may be identified to represent the proposed chapter as the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary etc or similar construction as per the law of the land. They should propose some activities and vision.

It is expected that the members:

  • should reside in the same geographic location as the Chapter.
  • should be committed and engaged volunteers, as members of a the proposed chapter from the proposed territory
  • Should be aware of SEMAT activities and other existing Chapters.

Each Chapter is financially autonomous.

Here are the current regional chapters:

China Chapter:

Established in April 2011
Chapter Chairman: Dr. Zhong Chen, Peking University

Latin American Chapter:

Established in August 2011
Chapter Chairman: Dr. Carlos Mario Zapata Jaramillo, Universidad Nacional de Colombia

South Africa Chapter:

Established in May 2012
Chapter Chairman: Barry Dwolatzky

Russian Chapter:

Established in December 2012
Chapter Chairman: Prof. Oleg Zmeev

Japan Chapter:

Established in April 2013
Chapter Chairman: Hironori Washizaki, Waseda University

Korean Chapter:

Established in October 2013
Chapter Chairman: Doo Hwan Bae, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

India Chapter:

Established in June 2014

Turkey Chapter:

Established in March 2016