Latin American Chapter


Chapter Chairman: Carlos Mario Zapata Jaramillo, Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Chapter Website:

The main activities the Latin American chapter has done are related to the dissemination of the SEMAT message in local region. They have held two Latin American Symposium of Software Engineering, in MedellĂ­n and Lima, respectively. Some other presentations in important conferences and universities are part of this strategy. The chapter also has worked on the Spanish and Portuguese translations of the Essence book and other important documents related to SEMAT. It has created a set of experience-based games as a teaching tool. The chapter has worked with industry to present SEMAT, especially in Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, and Chile. The Latin American Chapter has contributed to the proposal submission to the OMG

Future Work
The chapter will define and start the work with Ph.D. and M.Sc. students with research related to Semat: some economy aspects, the unification of the practice concept, the representation of several methods and practices on the kernel, and so on. They have given tutorials in some Latin American conferences and they will enhance the Semat-based games. They also start the work with curriculum modifications with the new ways of teaching with the SEMAT kernel, by employing activities like games, crossword puzzles, and others. Finally, they promote the creation of a Latin American Journal about Software Engineering, and it is expected to be one of the main channels for sharing work.