China Chapter


Chapter Chairman: Zhong Chen, Peking University
Chapter Website:

The Essence book was translated into Chinese and will be published soon. Based on the book, SEMAT China will organize several activities among colleagues and communities either together with publishers or with CSIA and CSDN (China Software Development Network). Training courses will be provided in summer 2013 among software engineering instructors.
China Chapter is encouraging researchers and developers in China to get more involved with SEMAT Theory and Practice R&D through research funding support from local government or industry. China chapter also actively participate in China Software Engineering Standard Summit and others venues to enhance the collaborations between China and international SEMAT communities.

Future Work
China Chapter is planning to establish a practice library by collecting several typical practices used in industry. It will develop a certification program and propose it to establish an international SEMAT standard. Moreover, it will initiate tool development.
China Chapter will grow its membership national wide based on a legal entity. This legal entity could be established either by branches of SEMAT international or being hosted in CSIA or CCF.