Education Area


Leader: Mira Kajko-Mattsson

SEMAT should create and offer education to help people understand its concepts and put them into practice. Such an education can start from the following areas:

  • An introduction to Software Engineering – the basic concepts in the kernel etc. The book β€˜The Essence of Software Engineering' is an example of what should be developed. E-learning is also expected to play an important role.

  • Capturing practices in the Kernel Language – hands-on training on how to write practices by showing examples.

  • Assessing Progress and Health – using the kernel and alphas to assess progress and health of software development. There are probably two different perspectives on this 1) externally, by the auditor/coach and 2) internally, by the team that drives their own work.

  • Building and comparing methods

Note: The training courses would naturally lead to text-books and other publications.
The academia is now in dire need of training material for Essence. The Essence book and the OMG submission can serve as the foundation for such training material. Some training has already been developed at Florida Atlantic University, at Oslo University and at KTH (in Stockholm). At UDE/paluno (Essen Germany) online training will be developed as well.