Community Area


The Community Area has three Tracks: Community Growth Track, Legal Entity Track and Web Site Track.

Community Growth Track

Leader: Yury Katkov
This track tries to maximize the worldwide mindshare about SEMAT and Essence. It created and maintains an article about SEMAT in Wikipedia (, a mailing list (discussion group) for all SEMAT friends (, and LinkedIn group ( It plans on many ways to advertise SEMAT and attract people to participate in SEMAT activities, share SEMAT-produced artifacts and collaborate with each other.

Legal Entity Track

Leader: Paul McMahon
In order to make revenues and secure funding to support the growth of SEMAT, the Legal Entity Track recently initiated establishing SEMAT as a non-profit organization in the state of Florida, USA. SEMAT Incorporated (SEMAT Inc.) has been registered and is in the process of developing its bylaws to define its operating rules.
The Board of Directors of SEMAT Inc. has currently three members: Marin Griss (Principal Research Scientist at CMU Silicon Valley), Ivar Jacobson (Chairman of IJI), and Paul Nielsen (Director of Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University). The Office of SEMAT Inc. is run by President June Sung Park (Professor at KAIST), Vice President and Secretary Paul McMahon (President of PEM Systems), and Treasurer Cecile Peraire (Professor at CMU Silicon Valley).

Web Site Track

Leader: Michael Goedicke
This track is re-building the SEMAT web site so that it can scale to a busy social, content delivery and e-commerce site.