Ivar Jacobson International releases Essence Enterprise 365

15 Jun 2017


    A Unique Solution that Gives Organizations the Power to Apply the Essence Standard to Build and Collaborate on Practices from any Method to Work Seamlessly Together
    Ivar Jacobson International (IJI) has released a suite of products that together provide software development teams a one-stop solution to create, amend, collaborate and publish their preferred software development practices. Essence was approved in 2014 as an official standard by the Object Management Group (OMG), but until now the market was lacking in tools that could help organizations apply the standard. Essence Enterprise 365 and its accompanying practice packs help introduce the standard and gets teams started on applying Essence.
    To introduce the concept and to demonstrate what Essentialized practices look like, Ivar Jacobson International has created a free-to-browse library of 25 Essentialized Practices built using Essence Enterprise 365. All practices in the IJI Practice Library <https://practicelibrary.ivarjacobson.com/start> have been defined using the Essence standard language – capturing the critical, essential aspects of a practice and enabling practices to work in any desired combination. After browsing the library, teams can graduate to an Essence Enterprise 365 license to start ‘Essentializing’ their own organizational practices and create and share an in-house library of practices and methods.
    IJI is recommending that people start by browsing the free Practice Library to learn how Essentialized Practices can work seamlessly together. Start by viewing the Introduction to the Practice Library <https://practicelibrary.ivarjacobson.com/> video and then log-in and get started <https://practicelibrary.ivarjacobson.com/>.
    Essence Enterprise 365 consists of three products:
    * Practice Library – A library of 25 proven agile, scaled agile and iterative/incremental practices and 3 starter methods for browsing and selection for use by organizations and teams
    * Practice Exchange – A practice network for sharing and elaborating practices and methods within development organizations for use across projects of all types and size
    * Practice Workbench – A tool to create, amend, and publish Essence practices and methods

To learn more about Essence Enterprise 365, visit the IJI website <https://www.ivarjacobson.com/essence-enterprise>.

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