How to View Files on file: ///sdcard/

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How to View Files on file: ///sdcard/
5/14/21 10:17 AM
The file: /// sdcard / path is a tool characterized by offering the advantage of viewing the files contained in the internal memory of the Android device from the browser.

In this case, you will only be able to evaluate the contents of said internal memory and you will not be able to perform any administrator process such as delete files, move them or add folders, but simply offers the advantage of viewing each file and finding out its way to the browser.

Display Android files with the file: /// sdcard

The file: /// sdcard / path can be used from different browsers installed on the Android device. From Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome or the browser installed by default on the computer, it is possible to access this route.

The first thing to do is to enter the browser and insert the file: /// sdcard / combination in the search or navigation section.

This code has three (3) vertical dividers and SD card / terminology. Once established, all you have to do is press Enter.

The tab that will appear corresponds to the result of all the files and their modification dates. This element shows MP4, .doc, PDF, JPG, PNG, MP3, .txt formats, among others.


file ///sdcard

file///sdcard/index of sd card