Education Term Paper Topic Ideas

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Education Term Paper Topic Ideas
3/19/21 8:43 AM

Education Term Paper Topic Ideas

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  • ADHD: Its Affect on Classroom Development.
This undergraduate research paper examines and analyzes Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder in children of pre-school through sixth grade age, and focuses primarily upon how the Disorder affects their development in the classroom.

  • Ability Tracking in High Schools
This paper looks at the 6 myths commonly associated with ability tracking in high schools, and debunks them all. It presents ability tracking in a postive light and explains why it is this system throughout highschools, benefits both all people within the school system and encourages both high level and low achieving students alike. Include references.
  • Abstract of the report called "Not All Errors Are Created Equal"
This paper is an abstract of the report called "Not All Errors Are Created Equal" by Maxine Hairston, who reports on a research project investigating language errors which was achieved by sending a survey to 101 professional people, and 84 respondents returned her questionnaire, indicating that the type of usage error most strongly reacted to were those are called "status markers," such as using double negatives or non-standard verb choices.
  • Academic Excellence.
This is a report in MLA format. The report discusses the most important problems in education: unemployment, crime, welfare, health care, racial tensions, the maldistribution of wealth, and citizen disengagement from the political process.
  • Acceptable Use Policies of Schools and Libraries.
This paper is on the topic of acceptable use policies of schools and libraries. The paper states what an AUP is, what should be stated in them, and how important they are.
  • Accessing Parental Involvement in Student Performance: Identifying and Qualifying the Issues.
This paper investigates the problems inherent in involving parents in their children's academic performance. 
  • Accountability And Proficiency Testing: Is Standardized Testing A Beneficial Way: Showing Student Learning.
This is a proposal to define that standardized tests are beneficial for showing student learning and accountability of the teachers.
  • Accreditation Article Review.
This is a piece analyzing an article on the accreditation of universities. The slant of the article is that the accreditation system is archaic, pedantic, and has no real utility. Using two supporting article, the author of this piece agrees with the primary article and argues that as college degrees become more important and colleges themselves become more numerous, having valid information on how well a particular school is doing is essential before enrolling. The author goes into detail as to why the current accreditation system is fundamentally flawed and offers some guidelines on how colleges should develop a more honest, accurate, and useful accreditation system more focused on the consumer. The end result will be that college shoppers won't have to rely on the media for such information. 

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