Get an Effective Solution from Roadrunner email.

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Roadrunner email, designed according to the current requirement of email customers. It provides uninterrupted service and due to this, and it is highly praised by the users. Roadrunner mailhas provided many features in email and therefore allows users to get the best email application. RR email believes in providing the best and effective services to email customers and hence the Time warner email Support Number plays an important role in the same. The number serves as a link between customers and the roadrunner. And fixes all roadrunner email problemsThe support team patiently listens as per query. Same, they offer solutions. Providing solutions is one part and taking feedback from them is the other part. Feedback enables Roadrunner email support to provide effective services to customers. The dual role offered by the support team is beneficial for both.

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RE: Get an Effective Solution from Roadrunner email.
2/5/21 10:29 AM as a reply to Dave heller.
Solution 1: Check Roadrunner Settings
The settings of your RR email account play a vital role in the functioning of the email service on your device, hence one should check and resolve the problems that are taking place within the setup of RR email. The right settings for Roadrunner emails are:

Roadrunner Incoming Server Settings
Username: put in your email address
Password: use your RR email password
Port: 110 (you can decide to use 110)
Security type: None
Roadrunner Outgoing Server settings:
Server: (This can differ based on location. Get the TWC server list based on locations).
Port: 587 (It may also be 25 if 587 fails to work)
Security type: None
Require sign-in: Check
Username: (based on location)
Password: Use your Roadrunner email password.