Barely a week after setting up, we are close to two hundred people supporting our initiative. More are joining by the hour. The initiative appears ready to mushroom!

We don’t expect SEMAT to solve all the problems of software engineering. It addresses the development of a common knowledge base; other initiatives are needed for example to increase professionalism in the industry and to close the gap between computer science research and software engineering practice. SEMAT is a great start towards recognition and resolution of fundamental problems. We have committed to working together with developers, researchers, methodologists, and leaders at all levels to make the software world better.

The Call for Action points in the direction of a solution by specifying “a kernel of widely-agreed elements, extensible for specific uses.” It avoids prescribing a specific solution, not because none exist, but because none have been widely accepted.

Now the hard work will start. The first step is a vision statement, specifying what we as a group want to achieve in the next twelve months. The three of us will prepare a skeleton of the vision statement, and will submit it to the community so that you can provide your insights.

Please prepare yourself by reading the material on the site: the two papers and the Questions and Answers. Additional material is also available on the site.

The biggest difficulty will be to achieve consensus without compromising ourselves to death. We can do it!

Now, we open up the floor for you to express your ideas.

— Ivar Jacobson, Bertrand Meyer, Richard Soley

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