Semat has reached Latin America

Semat has reached new regions in the world. In April 2010 a new chapter of Semat was founded in China—the Semat China—and this chapter is now ready to function.

This week another chapter of Semat was founded in Colombia—The Semat Latin America. It covers Latin America, which includes South America and Central America.

During the Latin American Software Engineering Symposium (LASES 2011), which took place in Medellin (Colombia), Semat and its mission were introduced by Ivar Jacobson. The symposium was attended by senior academics from many universities in different countries in Latin America. Apart from Colombia, there were representatives from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Peru, and Venezuela.

With a resounding support from the vast majority of the symposium participants Semat Latin America was founded. More than 80 people signed a foundation statement. An initial executive committee with nine members representing the academic world was selected:

  • Carlos Mario Zapata J. (Colombia)

  • Raquel Anaya (Colombia)

  • José Antonio Pow-Sang (Perú)

  • Jonás Arturo Montilva C. (Venezuela)

  • Ramón García-Martínez (Argentina)

  • Claudio Meneses Villegas (Chile)

  • Hanna Oktaba (México)

  • Edison Spina (Brasil)

  • Marcel J. Simonette (Brasil)

Professor Carlos Mario Zapata Jaramillo from the National University of Colombia was elected as the chairman. The committee’s immediate task is to get informed about what Semat has achieved so far and to agree on how to move forward. The committee’s members agree on searching for a more balanced constitution of the committee itself. Representatives from industry and practitioners must be included in the committee, in order to reach the desired balance of the Semat Latin America.

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