The first Semat workshop: a blueprint for Semat

The first Semat workshop was held in Zurich on March 17-18, 2010.  The workshop was attended by 28 people, including industry signatories representing four corporations. The report highlights the event of the first Semat workshop, including its purpose, activities, results, and future venues.
The purpose and scope of Semat initiative are described in the Vision Statement.  Semat involves three principal groups of stakeholders: industry (including developers and executives), academics and methodologists.
The Vision Statement suggested five tracks along with which the work would proceed for the next few months.  A leader had been identified for each track. The tracks and their leaders are now:

  1. Definitions (Brian Henderson-Sellers)

  2. Theory (Dines Bjorner assisted by Michael Goedicke)

  3. Universals (Ian Spence)

  4. Kernel Language (Jean Bézivin)

  5. Assessments (Watts Humphrey assisted by Paul McMahon)

Welcome to read the whole report.

Also, very welcome to leave your feedback as comments in the following.
After the meeting a new track was identified:

 6. Requirements of Semat (Martin Naedele).

The different tracks are now being formed.  If you are interested in participating and in contributing, please contact us at

— Ivar Jacobson, Bertrand Meyer, Richard Soley

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