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The key points of the OMG RFP Draft: Call for a widely accepted kernel

The OMG RFP is entitled “A Foundation for the Agile Creation and Enactment of Software Engineering Methods.” This title is selected to loudly and clearly strike for three distinctive key points driven by Semat:

(1)  It is about finding a kernel.

It emphasizes that the RFP is not creating a new method; instead, it is to build a foundation that “consists of a kernel of software engineering domain concepts and relationships that is extensible (scalable), flexible and easy to use”.

(2)  Its target group is the practitioners, not the process engineers.

The kernel has to be agile and lightweight to be successful. It focuses on people who do the work: the practitioners (e.g., analysts, developers, testers). This foundation is created by practitioners, and serves the practitioners.

(3)  Its focus is on the usage of methods, not on the definition of them.

Methods are enactable. The enactment of a method can be defined as the carrying out of that method in the context of a specific project effort.

These are the critical features that separate this initiative from previous and existing efforts in this space.  These features cannot be achieved by simply extending previous and existing work. These are the aspects that will fundamentally change our understanding of how to work with methods and processes.

Please refer to an extract of the OMG RFP draft for more detailed information:

You can also read the Highlights of the OMG RFP Draft at:

Do you agree with the three key differentiators mentioned in this blog? We would love to hear your feedback and comments. Your involvements ensure we are doing the right things and keep us in the right direction.

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