Tool Support

Ivar Jacobson International (IJI) is proud to support the SEMAT initiative and to offer a range of tools, training and consulting services to help teams improve the effectiveness and transparency of their ways of working and for organizations to embed effective and highly adaptive development practices based on the Essence standard.

Explore IJI’s Practice Library

The first free to-browse library of Essentialized Practices includes team-level agile practices, agile-at-scale practices as well as iterative, incremental, architecture, requirements and others. Get started at:

Acquire Professionally Printed Alpha State Cards and other Useful Practice Cards

Alpha State Cards - based on the Essence standard - are a simple, easy way to track status of a software project and help plan next steps. Alphas represent key performance indicators for a software development project. These cards are entirely method, life-cycle, process, practice and even philosophy independent, so it doesn’t matter what your personal belief system is - they can apply to any type of software project.
Access a PDF of the cards or buy a professionally printed pack

IJI has created Practice “poker cards” based on the Essence standard and these can be accessed and printed off from each browsable practice in the IJI Practice Library or you can order professionally printed packs. There are plenty of card games that you can play to help optimize your team’s way of working.
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     Agile Essentials Professionally Printed Poker Cards
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     Agile at Scale Professionally Printed Poker Cards

Build Practices with IJI’s Practice Workbench
The Practice Workbench is a development environment for composing, authoring, collaborating and managing Essence-based software development practices and methods. Its comprehensive features and robust capabilities ensure a professional, intuitive and productive authoring and development experience for practice authors and method engineers allowing them to focus on the essential business value of the practices and methods they create. A 30-day free trial evaluation is available. Request a free trial

Share and Collaborate with IJI’s Practice Exchange
Once you’re ready to begin adapting or building practices, you’ll want to ensure all your teams can capture and share their practice innovations electronically across your organization. In addition, teams may want to track discussions on practices in a forum and upload supplementary resources such as templates, examples, hints and tips and other experience-based guidance. The Practice Exchange can help organize Communities of Practice around capability building and practice innovation to ensure a sustainable change initiative. Contact IJI for more information