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My Latest Obsession
1/28/21 3:44 PM
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Don't Compete with Your FriendsIt was great spending time with Jez who has her own baby in the form of Crazy Bitch, her man hating, in fact everyone hating,Chihuahua. The boyf loves dogs so he spent the week trying to make friends with her and it was only minutes before we were leaving when she decided that she liked him. We were highly entertained by Crazy Bitch who would hide from the boyf and then attempt to slink out of the room and then break into a sprint when she saw him. She also liked to bark at the bambino who just kept staring at her completely bemused.

At the wedding the bambino decided to chatter the whole way through the ceremony, increasing the volume when they were exchanging their vows. The funniest part was when the singer was belting out a ballad and after watching her enraptured for a while, the bambino started cooing along to the song very loudly. Of course, right at the end of the ceremony when I should have been watching the happy couple make their way back up the aisle together, I had to dash off and feed the bambino who was having one of her hunger meltdowns. I sat in a hallway at the back where I felt sure I wouldn't be interrupted because I assumed everyone would be going out front, only for half of the congregation to pass through whilst my boob was hanging out..