The GTSE Workshop is hosted by KTH The Royal Institute of Technology — the largest and oldest technical university in Sweden — located on a charming campus in downtown Stockholm.Education and research at KTH cover a broad spectrum within natural sciences and engineering, as well as architecture, industrial engineering and management, urban planning, work science and environmental engineering. There are circa 12,000 full-year undergraduate students, 1,400 postgraduate students and 3,100 employees.


The Workshop is held in the Q-building at KTH central campus, street address: Osquldas väg 12, Floor 7.

Sweden's capital is a cosmopolitan city of around two million people living in the metropolitan area. It is home to approximately 22 percent of Sweden's population, and contributes to 28 percent of Sweden's gross domestic product. Each year in December the greatest, world scientific and cultural achievements are celebrated here following the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony and the Nobel Banquet held at the Stockholm City Hall.

Stockholm is built on 14 islands and is beautifully situated at the point where the vast Lake Mälaren flows into the Baltic Sea. Founded at the end of 13th century, Stockholm was constructed on this strategic spot in order to enable its founder to tax merchant vessels going in or out of the lake. As water covers one third of its area, maritime life is an important aspect of the city. The water is clean enough to drink and there are anglers catching salmon in the city center every year. The climate is very much affected by the sea winds, so even the hottest summer day will see the sea breeze finding its way into the city streets.