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Dr. Sumeet Malhotra has been elected Chairman of the Board of Directors of SEMAT, Inc.

28 9월 2016

Dr. Sumeet Malhotra, Engagement Partner at Tata Consultancy Services, has been elected Chairman of the Board of Directors of SEMAT, Inc. Dr. June Sung Park, the previous chairman, will remain as CEO of SEMAT, Inc. On accepting this position, Dr. Malhotra said, "I humbly accept this position on behalf of myself and the company I work for - TCS. I look forward to not just continuing to serve at SEMAT but to also taking the joint vision of the SEMAT Board onwards & upwards. SEMAT has now become a fulcrum meeting point where most of the renowned Agile Method Owners are working collaboratively to define what is unique in each of their methods and are turning those unique sections of their hitherto monolithic methods into granular ESSENCE based re-usable practices. I look forward to continuing to co-ordinate this collaborative effort, expanding the number of participants and also rallying everyone to join in on outlining client circumstances & Case Studies that each of these unique re-usable ESSENCE based practices are best suited for. This will help clients simplify and reduce the cost overheads created by the complexity of multiple agile methods that keep coming out in the market."

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Posted on 16. 12. 16 오전 8:37.